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Onyx IT Search, LLC is a staffing agency specializing in placing SaaS and Software experts into direct hire, contract-to-hire, and contract roles.

We have years of collective experience working at IT staffing agencies, ranging from the start-up/small business size going all the way to the SIA top 100 international agencies. We have learned over the years the theories, workflows, and best practices to follow to ensure a consistent, high-quality outcome in the talent acquisition process. 

Above all, we are self-professed tech-nerds. We are truly passionate about software, fascinated with the development and use-cases of the variety of systems and tools used by our Clients. We thrive where business meets technology.  


Many agencies will promise to "find you candidates fast and save you money!" and we recommend you ask those sales people "How do you do it?" "What's your recruitment process?" "How do you identify and attract your candidates?" or "What is your Candidate interview methodology?"

At Onyx IT Search, LLC we are process oriented and begin with the end in mind: a successful placement of a quality candidate. Much like the end goal of a Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) being a successful running system. 

For this reason, our team take an SDLC consultative approach to staffing:

  • PLANNING out the position logistics including budget, timeline, and deliverables

  • ANALYSIS of the core problems in the organization causing a need for the role to be filled

  • We then DESIGN the ideal candidate solution to fill the role, laying out technical qualifications, soft skills, and personality to be identified

  • Creating and executing an IMPLEMENTATION plan, inclusive of candidate identification, interviewing, and onboarding

  • We TEST our original analysis, design, and implementation, and are open to the idea that we maybe didn't get it right the first time. Our partnership will be to work together to re-scope and continue through the consultation process until we provide you with the right solution

  • We close, as with any good SDLC, with MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT, ensuring the placement is successful for all parties

We have proven methods of candidate sourcing, attraction, and interviewing that develop quality relationships and ensure a holistic matching to the company's need. 

Pairing these methods with dynamic & agile technology systems we are able to deliver quality results, fast. Cutting down time spent matching candidates, streamlining submissions, and facilitating interviews.  


We are dedicated to staying on top of industry trends, and so our staff engages in continuing education on Talent Acquisition, Information Technology, SaaS and Software with executive 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring. 

Onyx IT Search, LLC is a woman and minority owned agency dedicated to bringing Quality back to the staffing industry.


Having worked in the trenches at a variety of agencies, we have seen first hand the poor, and at times predatory, sales methodologies many of these companies follow. Driving their employees by numbers-based metrics to "pound the phones" and "make it happen" with clients. Resulting in a transactional based relationship, focused purely on the placement fee and making the growth target for the quarter. 

We are driven by a motivation to establish a transparent, partnership-based relationship with our Clients, and break the bad habits prevalent in the Staffing Agency industry. 

Employing open, honest, and transparent staffing practices, we strive to create a true partnership with our clients that delivers solutions. Our mission mandates that we listen first and seek to understand, which leads to making genuine connections between candidates and companies.


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