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Staffing Services

Onyx IT Search is proud of our Talent Acquisition process and provide it to our client in a variety of employment models. Direct Hire, Contract-to-Hire, and Contract. Learn more and request information with the links provided. 

Do you need to bring someone on into Full-Time Employment (FTE) at your organization? Maybe you had some turn-over, recently promoted someone, or you are just growing and expanding! Let us help solve the problem of finding your Direct Hire solution to support your software needs. We charge you staffing fee equal to 20% of the Candidate's annual compensation

This is the CHEAPEST option for most situations, but can take a longer time to find the perfect match


Similar to Direct Hire, many clients know they need someone committed to their organization in the long run, however short term needs or a desire to "try before you buy" leads people to explore contracting with a Candidate for a period of time, prior to extending them an offer of FTE. During the specified Contract portion we bill you at an hourly rate for the Candidate's services, and then upon acceptance of the Direct-Hire role, a pro-rated 20% placement fee is applied. 


This is the most expensive option, but provides the most security and testing time. This is the HIGHEST QUALITY solution


You have a project going on that needs some extra hands? Need a specific skill set to help you customize or configure your software and then move on? An expert to provide training or upskilling your team for a set number of hours? Let us help you align the right Consultant to your needs to make sure you get the right solution out of the hours billed.

This is the middle of the road, where you are paying a higher per hour rate, but not taking on the risk, burden, and time of onboarding an FTE with benefits, taxes, etc. This is the FASTEST solution

Internal Talent Acquisition Coaching & Training Services

You have already made the investment of staffing your own internal Talent Acquisition department, Congratulations! We believe heavily in the importance of staffing and talent acquisition, and feel that know one can better know how to hire for your company, than your own people! 

That being said, if you are still utilizing external agencies to get your roles filled, it might not be your team that is the problem, but the training and skill sets they have been provided! 

Let Onyx IT Search help solve your long-term problem of upskilling your internal TA team with all the agency secrets, tips, and best practices to get them efficient and effective. 

Why keep paying agencies fees by placement, when we can provide one-time training and L&D curriculum and documentation to your team

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