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Success Stories

We have a number of success stories to share with you, here we highlight a recent one: 

Direct Hire: Director of IT

After having exhausted internal capabilities searching for an IT Director, this large, flexible packaging company sought out the consultative services of Onyx IT Search, through a referral network. 

We aided them in identifying the design specification they were providing to their internal TA team had not properly prioritized the importance of specific ERP experience and knowledge. 

Providing the organization with an updated Job Description, as well as qualification criteria we partnered to begin the identification process. 

Using Onyx's proven Candidate attraction methods, and leveraging our network of pre-identified and qualified software experts, we were able to present the Company with 4 experts and begin interviewing and selection. 

Ultimately, a local candidate in the Columbus area was selected and Onyx IT Search continues to receive great reviews from both the Vice President of HR at the company, as well as the new Director of IT candidate. 

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